Loitnant Jones of the Knwaybe Defence League

Proecting Companions from abuse isn't all laughs, in fact there are no laughs, its all suffering and struggling to save our gentically manufactured pets from the evil of human... sorry I'm rambling again

Monday, April 03, 2006

Current case lead me to old friend

Can't mention my current case load, still sub-judice, but it is very worrying.

I was in the airport lounge watching some loon fly a speedster over the nearby islands, and would you belive it, turned out to be Jayjay. Should have guessed.

I hung around till she had been cleared and then bumped my chair into hers. My line was "Of all the chairs on all the worlds yours had to bump into mine'. Okay, its lame, but what would you have said to your ex who still hates you after all this time?

She ridiculed me as usual for my weakness and lack of ambition. That 'Still a loitnant I see, never got promoted to being penniless" still grabs me by the vitals. She knows how to program my cpu.

Still looking good even without youth recon. She chose to live short but bright in a world that wants to live long and dull. She doesn't have many more good years to go.

I should have told her sometjhing, but I couldn't. (Not brave enough)

Companions need our love

I was told that in the long distance past humans used to classify each other by something they called 'race' or 'ethinicity' and they used these labels to denigrate persecute and anniilate each other.

I don't know if that's history or just a myth, but sometimes when I'm really low I can believe it.

What I do know is that with the end of animal farming the abuse of non-human animals started to be seen as a crime and it was fairly well irradicated, but it was the growth of the Companion industry that brought out what must be a sickness within the human spirit.

Those poor suffering Compies became the release valve for the frustrations and power desires of the hopeless and the victims of the plain mean.

The fact that Companions are woven in the chromosonal loom rather than being born from their mother's womb (Do Companions have mothers?) is used as an excuse by the wicked. They seem to believe, or they just like to think, that Companions aren't real because they aren't part of a family.

I know different. Their suffering is all too real.

I have seen such horror that I can't write about. I can barely think about it and hold down a meal.

I've let them down so many times. You can never do enough to protect DNA.

As we always say at the League, "Never deny denay"

Entering Lawless

Outside entry gantry 17. Its bitterly cold here, the desert stinks too. I have to swear that I am entering Lawless of my own free will then kick the hover rider into motion and go on through.

The entry guard is coming out of her floating ofiice, so here we go..

This is my last post until I come back out again - if I come back alive.

Can't post till I exit Lawless - those marauders have cut all comms except for a few spycams. Will take birdy system as fall back position.

Tell a robot about me.

Tell a Robot about me

Flitted to League HQ to track fugitive. Bizarre, he's gone to Lawless. Will have to track him to arrest.
Taking hover-rider, forensic reconstruction equipment and envio-suit plus meds etc. No heavy weapons even though the area will be crawling with marauders. Will I surive? I doubt it.

Tell a robot about me.

Archived old posts

To my readers, I apologise that I have archived and embargoed my earlier posts to this Blog. Trouble is I was sucking on some serious Jo-Jo after seeing too many egregious attacks on pitifully weak Companions. I lost it. I was rambling and I said some things about the League which I should not have said. There is a court order involved too so I can't repeat the posts. Sorry.

Sometime I'll go back and edit the rational parts and re-publish them.

I just want to thank Charlotte Marmont for her support.